Karimunjawa Islands, The Beautiful Paradise of Tropical Island

kepulauan karimunjawa
karimun jawa
Located just north of the town of Jepara, Central Java, there are islands large and small as many as 27 in the middle of the Java Sea. The archipelago is made up of the island of Karimun Java as the largest island, one of the seven national marine park in Indonesia.

karimun java island jepara
karimun jawa island
For those of you who want to get time off for the holidays, Karimun Java should be the goal that you can make pertimbanan, because it has 27 Islands but only 4 are inhabited. Most residents live on the island of Karimun Jawa, also a place as a Marine Park Karimun Java,

Karimunjawa or krimonjawa is the name of Java, saying "Kremun Kremun seko Jawa" is spoken by Sunan Nyamplungan, son of Sunan Muria (one of the nine great teachers of Islam in the past Java). These are the words to describe his astonishment at a far distance and the island looks a little Island of the land of Java.

karimun jawa good place for divingwhite shark of karimun java sea

Karimunjawa Islands offer many beautiful places like in heaven. Here there are wildlife and many more places to explore the beauty of nature. In Karimun Java there is a stunning underwater beauty, there is also a beach with white sand and has a lush mangrove forest home.

foto image karimun jawa island
karimunjawa beach
Visitors to the island of Karimun Jawa can order tool for Snorkeling and diving. Also see pengkaran white shark and turtle. Best time to visit is during the dry season, roughly from May to September.

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